Monday, June 6, 2011

kemensahhh , tungguu :D

the most best day yesterday, to see him finally. he is a good, smart guard their hearts. wahh, close to her oh dear .. Wednesday is going to want to go out Kemensah . anyone want to join ?? let go ... do not want to wait patiently this wednesday, want to crawl from morning until evening. hopefully daddy to come out. have to listen to daddy and daddy used to take the heart of this is the kind of new to come out. Hahah: D does not matter ...

YOU !!

Make 'you' who wants to change,
Changed, although difficult,
Changed to the more beautiful life,
Life and times of young once only,
Willing to want to waste no-pleased with Him ?
May God bless ...



had long been updating the blog. sory yaa :) busy catering facebook, blogs already forgot :) now I also want to update your diligent blog. but do not want to know what the story section ? ideas did not enter the brain.

sayang mama and daddy !

This story of my life ! You want to know ? can, but quietly okay. do not be excited close to other people:) I have 5 brothers and sisters,I am the fourth child. I really like to do this problem in my family. but my mom and pa never once made ​​me kind of step-children. huh !! mad love ma and pa close ... What I want everything to, no matter it is expensive or not ma and pa must buy for me. Recently, this was just bought my pa FIXIE. Aww awww: D love it .. birthday gift from Dad. okeylah, already tired of life I want to tell the story, the actual length. but it is lazy. Other days I'm more stories :)